Kuzey & Cemre: The missing scenes

Kuzey & Cemre: The missing scenes fan fiction is a loving tribute to Kuzey and Cemre’s realized love story; an ‘expanded ending’ meant to dovetail to the “missing time gaps” in the Kuzey Güney series final episode 80.

If you are a die-hard Kuzey Güney fan, you will be ecstatic to read this book, written by Marie Hartis and Michele Calderon, both valued members of Kivanç Tatlituğ North America.

Kuzey & Cemre: The missing scenes fills in all the gaps and provides us with more of the happy ending and details we longed for. It answers the many questions we as fans had, left unresolved in the final episode;  and also gives us an intimate, thoughtful  glimpse into Kuzey and Cemre’s life as a married couple. It is  tastefully written and stays true to the spirit of the series and its characters. There’s romance, there’s comedy and there are tender moments, just like we would expect. It speaks beautifully in the voices of the characters we’ve come to love over 80 episodes,  and folds in events of past episodes for context.

Written and conceived as “flashbacks” through the eyes of Kuzey and Cemre, “The Missing Scenes” fan fiction details what “might” have happened in those key blocks of “missing time” from the original series finale of their love story

The completed book features a prologue and 21 chapters, presented in a reader friendly “kindle-like” format. It is available to read on our parent website North America TEN where you just need to sign up for free.

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