Kuzey Guney Series Timeline

We all agree that Kuzey Guney is a masterpiece that inspires discussion. It’s a story of sacrifice and of brotherhood and what that means, or should mean. It’s a rich family saga that weaves an intricate tale of dysfunction and abuse. Yet Kuzey Guney’s central narrative is love – the story of a deep, selfless, enduring love.

Kathy Jones Toth and Angela DiMarino Bassett, two passionate Kuzey Guney aficionados and very involved members of Kivanc Tatlitug North America, have created a beautiful, comprehensive Series Timeline. While re-watching the series together – Kathy in Tennessee and Angela in Connecticut- Angela mentioned wanting to figure out the dates for events in the series. Kathy volunteered to help and before they knew it the Timeline came to fruition.

It was during another re-watch of Kuzey Guney that Kathy and Angela decided to expand their Series Timeline to include even more scenes and more photos. As an ADDED BONUS this expanded Timeline includes KEY SCENES CHARTS for both Seasons 1 and 2. In them you will find the most referenced and discussed scenes of the series, along with their timestamps within episodes.

Literally hundreds of hours later, both Kathy and Angela have come away with a real appreciation for the continuity that’s maintained during a series production. The plot, character emotions, settings, wardrobe, and so much more must be consistent in order to maintain continuity, and thus move the story forward, and for the viewer to be able to believe what she/he is watching. Kathy and Angela saw how well this was done in Kuzey Guney as they attempted to pin down dates for the episode bullet points.

This comprehensive expanded version of the Series Timeline has been created in BOOK FORM. This presentation, along with BOOKMARKS makes it extremely easy to navigate, allowing one to go directly to a specific episode without having to scroll through other pages!

Please make use of this Series Timeline and reference it often. In doing so, we hope you gain a sense of time and place for what you’re watching onscreen.

Lastly, and importantly – we give kudos to KİVANÇ for bringing KUZEY TEKINOĞLU to life for all of us!

  • Season 1 book cover
    Season 1
  • Season 2 book cover
    Season 2

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15 thoughts on “Kuzey Guney Series Timeline”

  1. Dear Angela & Kathy-
    This is such a valuable resource, and one that I use often if I can’t remember where to find doeciguc scenes. Many of them are done in flashback so this is particularly useful
    to find them. I also used your timeline closely to correlate minute details for flashback reference in our fanfiction “The Missing Scenes” — like the name of the town where Handan’s sister lives. Thanks for your help in that Angela.

    1. Angela DiMarino Bassett

      Hi Marie
      We are glad you enjoy using our timeline. Having so many events done as a flashback did make it challenging at times to figure out when it really happened. It took us many rewatches to figure it all out because some of the time we figured out the date for something that happened in a later episode. I’m glad you have used it as a resource when writing your fan fiction and I was able to help you figure out details for your story.

    2. Hi Marie

      Thanks so much for your kind comments regarding our Series Timeline!

      Kuzey Guney loved to make use of flashbacks as a means to make references to past events in the story. They did it often and included lots of pertinent info, dates, etc in them. I’m so glad you found it helpful with writing your Fan Fiction too!

      Thanks again!


  2. The timeline is a godsend to help us keep track of plotlines and characters in such a complex work as Kuzey Guney. This is especially true because the characters all grow (or show their true colors) as time unfolds. No sooner had I written off the dad as an insensitive oaf than he began to show another facet of himself, one that I could respect and understand. Thanks so much for the epic amount of work you put into creating this timeline.

    1. Angela DiMarino Bassett

      Thank you for your kind words Kathleen. You are so right every character in Kuzey Guney is so complex and change over time. This extended timeline has taken Kathy and me a year and a half to complete. Our original one came out in June 2020 but we decided to expand it after several more rewatches because like you the more we watch Kuzey Guney the more intricate details we find. Enjoy using it.

    2. Thanks so much Kathleen, I’m so glad you find our Series Timeline useful. It was time consuming yet a pleasure to do because both Angela and I love this story. It’s timeless and for me, Kivanc’s best performance to date. He was absolutely captivating as Kuzey!

      Thank you again.

  3. I am in seventh heaven! Angela and Kathy, what a time-consuming, wonderful labour of love to all of us who can’t get enough of Kuzey Guney! Thank you for this wonderful resource – your hard work is so appreciated. Now if you’ll please excuse me – I can’t wait any longer to open it up. Thank you both so much!!!

    1. Angela DiMarino Bassett

      Annie, it did take many months and hours to complete but Kathy and I loved every minute of it. Enjoy using it.

    2. Thanks Annie! Angela and I had a great time working on it….

      Please do use it often and let us know if you have any questions!

  4. Congratulations to the Timeline authors !. This timeline is a fantastic resource for all of us who love the series Kuzey Güney. I have used it many times to find a specific scene or pinpoint a key event in the story. It is well organized and brilliantly put together. It is clear when you review this Timeline how much time and effort Kathy and Angela have put into this, and how well they know and understand the story. Kudos ladies and all of us Kuzey lovers owe you both a huge debt of gratitude. Love – Michele

    1. Angela DiMarino Bassett

      Michele, thank you for your kind words. We hope when you use the timeline it will enrich your experience when watching the series.

    2. Thank you so much Michele! It was very time consuming but Angela and I honestly loved doing it. Kuzey Guney is such a fabulous story and Kivanç simply aced the role of Kuzey so watching it a zillion times to get the Timeline right was a pleasure. It’s also so gratifying to read that you use it often – I love and appreciate that so much!!

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