Kivanc’s Work

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Kivanc catapulted into the spotlight with Gumus in 2005 and he hasn’t stopped since! Click on the name of the show in the picture and get more details.


Kivanc has made 4 movies and each is completely different from the other. Click on the picture to get more info about the movie.

Americans at the Black Sea 2005 “Muzaffer”
Hadi Be Oglum 2018 “Ali”
The Butterfly’s Dream 2013 “Muzaffer”
Money Trap 2019 “Saruhan”

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Kivanc’s new projects will be released soon!

The Festival of Troubadours on Netflix September 2, 2022!
Kral Kaybederse written by Gulersen Budaycioglu (Kirmizi Oda) in preproduction.