Romantic. Passionate. Riveting.

Author and speaker Ginger Monette had a chance to watch Kivanc Tatlitug’s most recent series, Cesur ve Guzel. And she loved it so much she decided to give it a glowing review. Of course, all of Kivanc’s fans know the depth and extent of his talent, but its always good to see new fans, fans with a public platform, realize it… and publicize it. Ginger describes the series, which is about the enduring love between two unlikely people, as romantic, passionate, heart-wrenching, and riveting. She says “One of the things that makes Kivanc Tatlitug so mesmerizing as an actor is his ability be masculine and authoritative one moment, and then vulnerable, romantic, and wounded—without being wimpy—in the next moment.” We agree!!!

Read her entire review, complete with beautiful pictures, on her website here.

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