What’s New With Kivanc?

Kivanc Tatlitug’s IG Post welcoming January 2022

Since the happy baby news in November of last year Kivanc has been out and about enjoying his time having completed his current projects, but not really…

In December and January we got a whole slew of Mavi pictures. Thanks heavens!!

In January….

He and his wife Basak, visited with friends Kivanc Kasabali and Sedef Avci’s in their Klar Coffee co. And we got to see a whole bunch of new pictures. His haircut here is reminiscent of some Kuzey Guney episodes…

Later in the month, his love of animals took him to visit an animal shelter in Bodrum, followed by a meeting with the mayor of Bodrum, Ahmet Aras, who thanked him for his support of all creatures, large and small in a Tweet.

The common feature of extraordinary people who have touched the hearts of millions, is the beauty of their hearts. These kind-hearted people do not diminish in conscience and humanity, with increasing wealth. They are sometimes the voice of the silent, sometimes the cure for the helpless, and always the symbol of social common sense. Today, one of those people, Dear Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, visited the Turgutreis Rehabilitation Center of our Municipality in the company of his wife Başak Dizer Tatlıtuğ. Together, they become the voices of our dear friends waiting to be adopted. I thank them for these visits that give me great happiness, and for the very valuable awareness they have created.

Ahmet Aras, Mayor of Bodrum, Turkey

And while there, he and Basak adopted a cute little Pitbull!!

We’re envious of the lucky residents of Bodrum who were given the pleasure of his presence as he walked the streets with his wife.

On January 20 Kivanc accepted “The Face of Brand – Male” Award at The One Awards https://youtu.be/sRos8r7Y7ZU

Kivanc welcomed February with a video of him making Apple Strudel with amazing dexterity… The caption read.

Thanks to all the chefs who taught me very valuable information in professional cooking training…

Kivanc Tatlitug

Don’t forget Kivanc’s father owned a bakery in Adana where he grew up!

With Pastry Chef Turgay Guroz

Now you know what we know about Kivanc’s activities for the past couple months!

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8 thoughts on “What’s New With Kivanc?”

  1. Kivo jest nad wyraz przystojnym mężczyzną o przepięknej urodzie, sylwetce, usposobieniu.Nie mogę się na Niego napatrzyć, uwielbiam Go oglądać w filmach, czekam na nowe Jego filmy wyświetlane u nas w kraju.Cenię Go za jego wspaniały charakter, dobre serce dla zwierząt.W filmach oddaje się cały gra całym ciałem a szczególnie wyrazem swych pięknych oczu i wspaniałym delikatnym uśmiechem.Życzę Mu zdrowia, miłości do dzieciątka które Mu się urodziło i czekam na jeszcze więcej filmów z Nim w roli głównej a teraz pocieszam się urywkami z Jego życia które są nam przekazywane w nowinkach o Nim.

    1. Jehane Gad Zorayan

      Google Translation: Kivo is an extremely handsome man with a beautiful body, figure and disposition. I cannot see him, I love to watch him in films, I look forward to his new films shown in our country. I appreciate him for his wonderful character, good heart for animals. In the movies, he gives himself the whole game with his whole body, especially with the expression of his beautiful eyes and a wonderful, delicate smile. I wish him good health, love for the baby that was born to him and I look forward to even more films with him in the lead role and now I console myself with fragments of his life which are given to us in the news about him.

  2. Kivanc looks more mature and trendy with his new haircut and shorter beard. His apple strudel looked very delicious. He always seems to be a quick learner. Bravo!

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