Kivanc Tatlitug: NEW! Underwater Adventure Series

It’s confirmed! Kivanc Tatlitug will star in a new Netflix Original Series! Production for the action adventure series (tentatively named Kod Adi Denizati or Code Name Submarine) which takes place in a submarine, is set to start soon. The series will be directed by Tolga Karacelik known for Kelebekler (Butterflies) winner of 2018 Sundance Film Festival, and produced by OGM Pictures with Jason George, known for Netflix’s Narcos and The Protector, as lead writer.

From what we have been able to gather, Kivanc Tatlitug will play the role of Arman, a free-spirited diving instructor and marine biologist, who is preparing to participate to an underwater research assignment. But due to a global natural catastrophe Arman and his science team must board a military submarine to survive. While there, in addition to coping with the effects of the natural disaster, Arman and his team find themselves in the midst of a mystery involving the true mission of the submarine.

According to Netflix Turkey content director Pelin Distas this genre is the first experiment of its kind in Turkey. The series will have underwater visual effects that have never been done before in Turkey. Distas told reporters, “to make it happen the local team will work with a group of special effects experts who have worked in movies like The Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Perfect Storm.”

We can’t wait to see Kivanc in this exciting new series that crosses new boundaries and breaks existing dizi norms.

Tolga Karacelik is one of the promising new generation Turkish directors who is known for his own unique style. In addition to writing and directing five short films that have been shown and won awards at various festivals domestically and internationally, he wrote and directed music videos and served as director of photography on a documentary feature. His award-winning feature debut Toll Booth has screened at numerous prestigious festivals. Toll Booth was also selected as the opening film for Global Film Initiatives Global Lens 2012 series and had been screened in more than 35 cities across the US and Canada and in institutions like Smithsonian and MOMA, New York. His second feature IVY premiered in Sundance and continues its festival circuit at prestigious festivals and acclaimed highly by the critics all around the world. His most recent film Butterflies won The Binger award at Meetings on the Bridge Film Development Workshop and had been selected for Sundance Lab and CineLink Co-Production Market. Butterflies also won the Grand Jury Award for World Cinema – Dramatic at Sundance Film Festival 2018.

Jason George is a film and television writer who focuses on true, journalistic stories. He is currently under contract at Netflix, where he’s written for shows such as Ingobernable, Narcos, Into the Night as well as The Protector and The Gift (Atiye).

Watch George’s Hall of Achievement 2018 Honors below.




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3 thoughts on “Kivanc Tatlitug: NEW! Underwater Adventure Series”

  1. Beverly Clairese Rodriguez

    Happy New Year Kivanc, may you have much continued success with your career and personal life. I hope you come to America soon. If you are ever near Nashville, Tn. I most defiently want to come see you.
    I’ve been a fan ever since 2020 when I first discovered Kurt Seyit v Sura on Netflix.
    I am wanting to watch the new series The Submarine Story so much. I am still watching all your other series over and over to get my daily Kivanc fix.

  2. Beverly Clairese Rodriguez

    I have been waiting for Netflix to release Kivanc Tatlitug latest project “The Submarine Story” or “An Undersea Story” when will we be seeing it on Netflix?

  3. Although I would watch Kivanc anything. Im not a fan of the type of stories The writer usually creates. I know they are popular with a large audience. And im somwhat familiar with his Netflix shows I watched the Gift because of Baren. Its was ok the actors did a good job and of course Im a fan of Barens but it wasn’t my favourite story line.Just my opinion

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