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Get ready folks! Kivanc is about to shake up the United Nations. Well, maybe not shake it up, but definitely give it a jolt.

So what does the UN have to do with Kivanc?? Well, in case you didn’t know, our favorite actor is not only skilled in his craft but he’s also Turkey’s Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF. In fact, in the 9 years he’s been a Goodwill Ambassador he has advocated for children’s education, nutrition and safety. For example, in 2014 he joined in the #everyvoicecounts campaign to respond to the needs of children. In 2016 he joined other goodwill ambassadors including actors Tom Hiddleston, Robert Downey Jr. and Liam Neeson in a social media-driven public awareness campaign about the importance of education for children affected by emergencies.

And as an extension of his support for children so that they may have a livable world, Kivanc threw his support for the UN Global Compact. In a December 11, 2019 statement Kivanc said, ‘I know my responsibilities to leave our children a livable world in the future, and so I support UN Global Compact in this project. I’m very happy to support the initiative.

We must pay more attention to the universe and the ecosystem. At this point, every individual and institution in the world has big duties. Like many individuals, I do my best. But I think that only individual efforts are not enough. Companies should have the same sensitivity, step into a sustainable future and take concrete actions for this. As a supporter of the UN Global Compact, I invite all companies here to sign and to take concrete actions for a sustainable planet.”

As an avid nature lover, every year Kivanc and his wife Basak take part in the Mavi Indigo Sea Turtle project where they help baby sea turtles make their way to the sea. So it’s not a huge surprise that Kivanc would be a speaker at this year’s UN Global Compact on the topic of sustainability. We can’t wait to hear what Kivanc has to say!

To register for the virtual event click here.

Kivanc Tatlitug Actor, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

Graduated from Istanbul Kultur University Communication Designs-Multimedia and Cinema. His professional career started with modeling in 2002. After modeling career, his acting career began with the TV Series “Gumus” (2005) by the leading role “Mehmet”. “Gumus” is known as first Turkish TV series which was sold to Middle East. Afterwards Kivanc Tatlitug has gained large fan base abroad predominantly in Middle East, Balkans, North Africa and Turkic Republics.

He was invited by many Film Festivals like Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Muscat, Doha Tribeca (as a Guest of Honor) and won many honorary awards. Right after “Gumus” he continued his acting career in leading roles as Halil in the series “Menekse ile Halil”, as Muzaffer in the movie “Amerikalilar Karadeniz’de”, as Behlul in the TV series “Ask-i Memnu”, as a guest star Sekiz in the TV series “Ezel”, as Kuzey in the TV series “Kuzey Guney”, as Muzaffer Tayyip Uslu in the movie “Kelebegin Ruyasi”, as Kurt Seyit in the TV series “Kurt Seyit ve Shura” , Cesur in the TV series “Cesur ve Guzel”, Ali in the movie “Hadi Be Oglum” and as Saruhan in the movie “Organize Isler Sazan Sarmali” and as Kadir Adali in the Tv series called ” Carpisma “.

Throughout his acting career he won numerous “Best Actor” awards such as 36th Golden Butterfly TV Awards (2009), 17th Sadri Alisik Theatre and Cinema Awards (2012), 39th Butterfly TV Awards (2012), 18th Golden Lens Awards (2012), SIYAD-Turkish Film Critics Association Best Actor Award (2014), “Creators of Their Own Miracles Award” in 44.Golden Butterfly Awards (2017) and  “The Male Brand Award” presented by Marketing Turkey in 2018. Kivanc Tatlitug was awarded as “Best Actor in Comedy ” in 19th Sadri Alisik Theater and Cinema Awards (2019). As last he received “Best Actor in Long Feature Film Award“in 24th MGD Golden Lens Awards.

For a full list of Kivanc’s philanthropic activities through the UN and other forums, click here.

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