Filming in Kas

The filming for Hadi Be Oglum, Kivanc’s new movie officially began on October 21st.  Apparently Kivanc and the crew were in Kas the week before, presumably for pre-filming preparations.  The filming was announced on 25Film’s official IG page.

 Pictures and short video clips of filming emerged over the weekend.

Kivanc didn’t disappoint fans.  He stopped along the way to talk to some in the quaint streets of Kas.

 Fans and crew released pictures of filming for news starved fans of Kivanc. 

 While in Istanbul before heading out to Kas, Kivanc was also spotted driving a Ferrari… 

And somewhere in between he was able to do some diving… He posted these pictures on his IG account.

Filming of the movie will take approximately five weeks.. and it is rumored that Kivanc will team up again with writer Ece Yorenc (Menekse ile Halil, Kuzey Guney, Kurt Seyit ve Sura, and Cesur ve Guzel) on what they call an “internet project” for Ay Yappim. We don’t know what an “internet project” is but we can only assume they will be making a series for a streaming platform.  If history is any indication, this “internet project” will be a smash hit!

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