Turkish Dreaming

I have been an avid reader all my life. I love film adaptations of novels, so when I heard of a show called Ask-i-Memnu, I had to know more. The reviews and the hype it created was unbelievable, and I wondered if it really was as good as it was hyped up to be.  I kept procrastinating because I didn’t want to be disappointed, and wasn’t ready to watch it just yet.

In the year 2011, I had my first glimpse of Behlul, the complex male lead in Aski Memnu, played by Kivanc Tatlitug…. I saw him and forgot to breathe, and for a couple of seconds the world stood still.  Who was this divine creature?  It was as if I had been looking for him all my life–a piece of a puzzle had fallen into place, like recalling a melody long-forgotten. My heart began humming a tune, and I was in love…

I felt connected to him on so many different levels.  His soul-searching eyes talked to my heart, his voice sent shivers up my spine. I could gaze upon his lips without understanding a word they uttered; it was simply enough that he was speaking. Kivanc has this charismatic aura around him. When he plays a character, he becomes the character he portrays. He was seductive and brazen as Behlul, kind and compassionate as Kuzey, principled and enigmatic as Kurt Seyit. I am sure when he played Cesur, he gave the term “loving husband” another meaning. He has class and a refinement of character that comes to him naturally, and mesmerizes with his mere presence. For me, Kivanc came, he saw, he conquered! He has captured so many hearts with his exquisite skills and his humble personality, and he holds us in his keeping.

A journey started from here; a journey of self-discovery and a passion to learn everything about this man and his country.   I fell in love with the man and it enabled me to learn and try to adopt everything about the Turkish culture. I fell in love with everything Turkish!

The food looked divine… I fervently hope to try their cuisine one day.

Their tea is adorable in the double pots and served without milk.

The Turkish world opened a door of wonders for me; I have never been to this amazing country but have heard of people falling in love with Turkey.  I want to visit Turkey someday to better know where our hero grew up.  I am sure this one man has brought together so many different cultures and people; he has majestically gathered us all in the quest to know more about himself and his fellow countrymen.  I find myself feeling rather proprietary when hearing someone talking about Turkey–I feel as if they are talking about my own country, and, Wallahi, this feeling is Cok Guzel!  I have started speaking to my friends using Turkish phrases I have picked up from watching Kivanc’s series, and I feel the need to buy anything remotely Turkish. 

Watching Kivanc, I laugh, I cry, and feel like I am living in a dream–a dream to be a part of his world. If only it would come true!

                    Sadia Sethi is a Staff Writer for Kivanc Tatlitug North America. 

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