Kivanc’s Plea to Conserve Water

Kivanc Tatlitug is Turkey’s Water Ambassador! Finish dishwashing detergent has a water conservation movement, “Tomorrow’s Water”, and Kivanc is the face of this movement. Tomorrow’s Water movement is drawing attention to the drying up of lakes in its new campaign commercial featuring Kivanc Tatlitug.

In this stirring commercial Kivanc emphasizes the importance of conserving water, making the case that every one can play a role by simple change in behavior. “We are a drop in the ocean, but the ocean is made up of drops.”

In a separate video Kivanc makes an appeal to his compatriots to be vigilant and make every effort to conserve water.

According to IPSOS’s Research on Household Habits, 25 million tons of water, that is, as much as a lake, has been preserved thanks to behavioral changes in 6 million homes. 

6 thoughts on “Kivanc’s Plea to Conserve Water”

  1. Angela DiMarino Bassett

    What a beautifully done commercial by Finish to help conserve water. Kivanc’s emotions are so real because he personally has those deep emotions. Thank you Kivanç for giving your time and energy to such a wonderful cause.

  2. Loved it! Very well done. Kivanc is so good. With his expressions, made me want to cry when he jumped into the dry lake. Very clear and powerful message.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Só poderia vir desse enorme talento Kivanç Tatlitug para fazer este maravilhoso comercial, ele nos mostra pelos olhos que podemos confiar em tudo o que faz exatamente por fazer pelo seu coração!! Sou fã de carteirinha💕💖

    1. Thank you Cleusa, Kivanç is indeed very talented and knows how to convey emotions.
      It would be great to have your comments in English.

  4. This commercial is incredibly well done, beautifully shot and directed. It gives a powerful message making use of Kivanç’s unique way of emoting with his eyes. We love him because of who is his ! a man to stands up for what he believes in, and shows love and caring in everything he does. Acting or not acting.

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