Kivanc: The Master Chameleon

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Kivanc Tatlitug in Organize Isler 2

Who is he really? We all fell in love with his looks and his acting ability, his giving nature, humbleness, and genuine warmth towards everyone he meets. But to get inside his head, to understand how he approaches a role and what he does to prepare for that role is something else entirely.

His latest role as “Sari Surahan” is designed to shock us. Playing against type, he is certainly not the attractive, complex characters of Kuzey, Seyit, or Cesur we have watched before. Sari is a ridiculous character when we are first introduced to him. A pot bellied gangster, who runs a gambling den catering to everything from bird fighting to cockroach racing. He runs a tight ship and woe-be-tide anyone who crosses him. These are street wise people, living on their wits. He plays the role straight, which makes the whole scenario even funnier.

You have to ask yourself how he began to create this character. Who was his inspiration. I know myself, I’ve seen these types of people working in the street markets. In England they are known as “wide boys”. Not academically smart but street smart. I’m sure Kivanc wandered the covered bazaars in Istanbul studying them and their behaviors. He absolutely nails the character. With his greasy hair, thick gold chains, shirt one size too small, unbuttoned to the waist, squeezed into too tight jeans with a thick white leather belt and snakeskin boots, he looks every bit the “wide boy”.

The movie Organizer Isler 2 is a comedy, a very funny, well-scripted comedy, with spot on timing. Kivanc effortlessly winds his way through the storyline. He adopts the funniest snicker/tick, which you can’t help but laugh out loud too. Where he finds his inspiration for each of his characters mannerisms I don’t know, but he does again and again and this particular mannerism of Sari ‘s fits the character so perfectly.

You can see his snicker in the clip below.

If you get an opportunity to watch his latest movie, I cannot say enough good things about it, and Kivanc’s character. This really is a must see. Going forward, I wonder what direction he will go in. What role he will sink his acting chops into. Whatever it may be you can be sure he will approach it with the same dedication and research. I can’t wait.

Organize Isler 2 starring Kivanc Tatlitug is currently streaming on Netflix.

Mandy Mcdonald was born in a little town in the South East of England. Her dreams to see the world and travel eventually led her to visit St Petersburg. It was because of her fascination for this beautiful city and her love of period dramas that she came across Kivanc Tatlitug in Seyit and Sura (a beautiful true love story, set during the time of the Russian Revolution) and became Kivanced. Since then she has immersed herself into the works and life of Kivanc.

3 thoughts on “Kivanc: The Master Chameleon”

  1. Thank you so much for your prompt reply, it’s a question that had been bugging me for a while. Michele Calderon steered me to these websites and promised I would find answers to all my questions, and she was right. Except for his time of birth, which is needed to do a proper natal chart (I figure he must have been born under some lucky stars to be such a fine man in addition to his towering talent and beauty.)

  2. Chameleon is the word for it! His ability to shapeshift through widely disparate roles was what clued me that this guy can act – he’s not just a beautiful hunk born to play romantic leading men. Butterfly’s Dream was the second thing I saw, watching it right after Kurt Seyit & Sura. I could hardly believe it was the same person!
    Did he use a body double to look that emaciated or lose a ton of weight for the role? Same question for Organize Izler, in reverse. He stays so busy, seeming to go from one production directly to making a new one, how can he change shape like that?

    1. Butterfly’s Dream was filmed in between Kuzey Guney season 1 and 2. Kivanç didn’t use any double, he did loose lots of weight. Since you’re watching Kuzey Guney, you’ll notice he was very thin at the start of season 2, which also served well his character’s depiction. Organize Isler has been filmed in 2018, over a year after his previous project Cesur ve Guzel had ended. Kivanç has tremendous talent and is known to work hard and seriously prepare for his roles. He’s exceptional!
      You can watch his interviews and much more on Kivanc Tatlitug North America website (click on Network) as well as on the dedicated YouTube channel.

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