Dizzy for Dizis: Why I Made the Switch to Turkish Dramas

Lena Gibson has been a fan of movies and Television since the days of black and white TV’s.  She discovered Turkish drama in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since.  She describes her journey as a lover of film from Hollywood to lover of Turkish dramas in an essay for Dizi Land: Turkish Entertainment News in English.

 Here’s an excerpt from her essay about her journey from love of Hollywood to love of Turkish Dizis.  ​“Like all good storytelling, there are gray areas—bad people with good qualities or good ones with flaws—but the overall arc of the story bends to admire the good and dislike the evil.This appeals to me, as I am exhausted by a society that implies an absence of right/wrong or good/evil. I weary of shows that assault my values by trying to convince me that equality must mean acceptance of absolutely everyone and their choices, no matter what those happen to be. I LIKE having a hero and a villain and knowing the difference between the two. Not only do I find it refreshing, it hearkens back to my favorite classical reads where good battles evil and wins in the end with a rousing sense of victory, honor and pride.”  Read her essay here.

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