Kivanc and the Indigo Turtles

While most of us have been enjoying the hot summer months, Kivanc has been busy… He’s been busy filming, and other things… We all know Kivanc Tatlitug loves animals. And he proved it once again this past week when he volunteered to with his wife Başak Dizer to rescue Caretta caretta baby turtles in southern Turkey. The husband and wife were in Antalya province’s touristic resort of Belek for filming and participated in a project titled “Indigo Turtles” by Ecological Research Association in Turkey. They did this along with the Mavi team, for whom Kivanc has done commercials for the past 9 years.

The project, which aims to protect the endangered sea turtle species that breed in the area, saves the lives of approximately 15,000 turtles each year. Caretta carettas leave their eggs in 50-60-centimeter-deep holes. And after an incubation period of nearly 50 days, the baby turtles struggle to leave their nest and reach the sea. Many of these babies never make it out to sea.

Kivanc and Basak joined the rescue effort and saved 64 baby Caretta carettas that were stuck in the sand.

Here are some pictures of the rescue effort and a video that talks a bit about the Indigo Turtles rescue effort.

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