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After Carpisma finished filming in May of this year, Kivanc Tatlitug took a well-deserved and lengthy summer vacation with friends and family. In July he did what he’s done for the past few years; one of his pet philanthropic endeavors which is helping the Indigo sea turtles make their way to sea.

He came back to Istanbul in September to release a Mavi Black Pro commercial.

And he joined his friend and fellow actor, Cagatay Ulusoy for a brief a get away before heading off to Bodrum with his wife Basak Dizer.

In October, Basak and Kivanc met up with friends in England where he celebrated his 34th birthday on October 27.


On November 5th he was back in Istanbul to accept the Altin Objektif Odulleri (The Golden Lens Award) for Best Actor of the Year for his role in Organize Isler .

And then later in November he went to Madrid to enjoy another quiet break with his wife Basak.


Not too bad is it?

We’ve heard rumors that Kivanc plans to come to the U.S. for a few months in early 2020, perhaps to Los Angeles. He says he’ll be here on business. Whatever his business is, we wish him all the luck in the world. And we hope he knows that North America welcomes him and Basak with open arms.

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