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It’s been a darn crazy few months with COVID and all, but we managed to get a few updates about Kivanc. Just like others, his country, Turkey, closed down in the March to May time- frame. All dizis went on hiatus and all new projects were put on hold. And Kivanc’s projects were no exception.

We got a little scare on April 1st when he tweeted he was sick. Some of us even thought maybe it was an April Fool’s joke. But he was indeed sick… with pneumonia… NOT COVID.

Understandably, after this news, we heard little from him or his wife. But luckily in June we started seeing some signs of life. Mavi released some beauties in June and we got a glimpse of Kivanc with fans and friends too!

Then in mid June he participated in a UN event on sustainability.

He’s not only handsome but he’s smart too! We have the whole session subtitled with video here.

As it is their habit, in late June he and his wife headed off to Bodrum to enjoy the remainder of the summer. Thank heavens for his wife Basak or else we’d never get any pictures of him. But lovely Basak posted pictures and short videos of the two of them on vacation in their summer home in Bodrum throughout July.

And of course, the paparazzi was in full stalker mode too!


And now here we are in August, and fall is around the corner.

What we do know is that the country has slowly opened up and dizis have begun filming again. One by one shelved projects are being dusted off and we’re hoping that Kivanc’s projects are among those. Fingers crossed we’ll hear something soon!

But in the meantime, here’s a little video recap of April-August…

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