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Anne Rice’s project the Vampire Chronicles is still years away, but she’s already started looking for actors to fill the roles.. And Kivanc is on her list!!! Here is an excerpt from her Facebook page. ” From The Vampire Chronicles Page:Anne signing in. Let’s keep talking about casting because it’s fun and every time we have one of these threads I learn new things about how readers feel about Lestat.—- Lestat to me is powerful, physically strong enough even as a human to carry a 110 lb wolf down a snowy mountain. He is pretty as well as beautiful, has very large blue eyes and a full sensuous mouth, and a firm chin. He’s tall. He has a bit of mischief in his personality. He’s athletic and graceful. Feline grace is mentioned in the first novel. — I’m not sure that he should be played by an actor with a decided accent, but if he is, I think the accent should sound French, or come close to it. What fascinates me in this film clip is that Kivanc’s Turkish accent sounds decidedly French to my ear. For me, Lestat’s demeanor matters, and his voice matters. I don’t think the actor has to be a singer, but it’s interesting that Kivanc is a singer. As for acting experience, Kivanc has a long list of credits on IMDB, but all the work is Turkish. — The age of the actor matters to me. Lestat is twenty one when made a vampire. So I feel we need an actor who looks that young even though he may not be. (Note: in our time males are still in adolescence and changing physically right up to the age of thirty). —— Feel free to discuss in any way; to argue; to bring pix of other actors to the page; to talk about how you view the character. And if you recommend an actor, feel free to tell us why you made the pic, and how you see this actor as Lestat. —- We’re over a year away from casting most likely. So like I said it’s fun. It will be less fun when we get closer. As I see this series, Lestat is the backbone. Everything depends on him, and on getting him right. —- Well, guys… I hope you’ll post. And know this; I read all your comments. I’m grateful for every single one of them. Never fear you are not being read here. I’m eager to read all that you have to say.” 

If you think Kivanc would make a good vampire, why not let her know… Her Facebook page is here

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