The Final Week

Kivanc’s new movie, Hadi Be Oglum (Come My Son) is in its final week of filming.  For the most part there has been little information about filming but we’ve gotten dribs and drabs of information over the past couple of months from cast and crew.  The movie is scheduled to be released in January 2018. Here are some behind the scenes and promo shots from the movie. 

It is said that while in Kas, rather than stay in a hotel, Kivanc opted to rent a house where his wife, Basak, could come visit him.  Here are some pictures of Kivanc’s villa while in Kas.

And in the middle of it all he had a birthday too! Kivanc turned 34 on October 27th.  He celebrated his birthday with his wife and friends. 

And… he took a little time to do some diving (again)…

But the movie isn’t the only thing Kivanc has been working on.  He signed a contract with Coke to be their face in Turkey.  In the midst of filming his movie, Kivanc took a few days off at the end of November to go to Istanbul to film a commercial. Kivanc, your fans can’t wait to see the commercial… even the ones who don’t drink Coke. 🙂 

But even though he’s tried to hide from us, we managed to get little glimpses of him here and there. 🙂 Here are some fan photos, and even one he, himself, finally decided to post.

Can’t wait to see what happens in the next few weeks.  There’s always something going on in Kivancland. 

PS.  Everyone has been contemplating who will be the lucky person to write the musical score for the movie.. There is talk that Fahir Atakoglu, the famous Turkish pianist who wrote the musical score for Ayla will be the one.  While there is no confirmation, we will cross our fingers that he is the one.  If you get a chance, check out some of his music.  It’s stunning.  And, he ain’t bad to look at either. 

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