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If you’re like me, summer time is a double edged sword… it is a time for fun and family, but it’s also a time of Turkish drama drought. All the serious dizis have either ended or gone into summer hiatus, and the actors and actresses have gone under ground (so to speak). Most spend time with their families and friends. Some start work on a summer movie, and some just disappear from view. But every once in a while we get a glimpse of them when a fan runs into them, or if they decide to share a picture or two on their social media accounts. And of course we hear endless rumors of this project and that project… There’s a baby coming… there’s no baby coming … There’s a new love… there’s a break up.. Almost all of them false. But I guess the fans, and the media have to have something to keep themselves busy. What else does one do in the summer?

Kivanc fans have been lucky over the past month. Kivanc and his wife Basak have shared some pictures, fans have shared some pictures, and the media has shared some pictures. There are rumors of a new project, and even Kivanc himself said he’s looking at some, but nothing is for certain. It is summer after all, and no one really does anything serious in the summer.

Note: Sometimes life has a way of jolting us out of our summer haze. Shortly after Kivanc’s series Carpisma ended, on the 16th of June, Kivanc’s father in law, Ali Cengiz Dizer lost his battle with cancer. Our deepest condolences and best wishes go out to the Tatlitugs and their family.

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