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Soooooo much has happened since our last update about Kivanc. We went through a pandemic, the world stood still for a while and then…. life started up again.

In April of 2020 Kivanc fell ill with what he thought was pneumonia but was later diagnosed as COVID. He recovered thankfully and set about to doing Mavi commercials and starting his new Netflix series, Bir Denizalti Hikayesi (A Submarine Story). Filming for the series which is 8 episodes, and is anticipated to be released some time in the fall/winter timeframe, started February 4, 2021 and ended May 20, 2021.

The series was filmed in and around Izmir and Istanbul. Here are some behind the scenes clips.

In addition to the series, Kivanc mentioned that he might be doing a movie in an interview but there is no firm news at this point.

Check out the video below to see a full account of Kivanc’s activities from September 2020-June 2021!

And just to top it all off, here’s a nice little surprise on the street interview as a special treat.

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