Happy Baby News for Kivanc!

All of Istanbul AND social media is abuzz! Beloved star, Kivanc Tatlitug, is going to be a father. The 38 year old actor who was was gushing with happiness in an on-the-street interview wished for everyone who wants a child to be able to have one.

His mother, Nurten Tatlitug, expressed her joy and happiness at the news of the much awaited baby on a television program. She said, “I can’t put my happiness into words. I am very happy. May God raise him with his parents. I thank both of them for giving me the good news. I am ecstatic at the news. A living being is coming to the world. A gift to us from God. I prayed a lot and my prayers did not go unanswered. I can’t speak from excitement.”

The actor has finished a Netflix Original Series named “An Undersea Story” which is expected to be released in the coming months and has recently wrapped up filming a movie “Asiklar Bayrami” which is expected to be released later this year.

This is the first child for the handsome actor and his wife, Basak Dizer (44) who is in her third month of pregnancy. It wasn’t too long ago, on Kivanc’s birthday that Basak posted this beautiful picture of the two of them with the caption “Dunyalar kadar…” which translates “to the moon and back” or “you mean the world to me…”.

Kivanc Tatlitug and his wife Basak Dizer on his birthday in October 2021

We wish Kivanc and Basak all the happiness and joy and a strong, healthy baby.

Earlier in November the couple spent some time in Mardin where they shared the following pictures.

Kivanc has also been quite prolific on Instagram lately, more so than before. The actor shared the following pictures on his Instagram account during the filming of Asiklar Bayrami.

Kivanc flying a kite in Mardin

3 thoughts on “Happy Baby News for Kivanc!”

  1. Congratulation to Kivanc and Basak, I pray that Basak has a healthy pregnancy and that they welcome a beautiful, healthy child into the world. I am sure they will be wonderful parents.

  2. Congratulations, Kivanc and Basak! I am so very happy for the both of them. And as Kivanc stated to the reporter this is all new for him and his wife, and the poor man tried to convince the reporter of this fact. You can see how excited Kivanc is about the news. And truth be told, the reporter was very happy as well. However, the media needs to give Kivanc and Basak some space and privacy, but I for one am so happy that the news is about about Kivanc and Basak becoming parents. Yes, we are all very excited about this happy news. And Kivanc’s mother certainly is as well! Kivanc is taking it all in right now; he needs breathe (without the mask, LOL!), and relax and the months ahead will go by so quickly before he and Basak know it. Also, wise and handsome Kivanc is so right about the health of the baby. That is indeed more important than knowing the sex of the child or children. God bless beautiful Basak, too, because there will be that time when she will need to rest and take good care of herself throughout the remainder of her pregnancy. And her job most likely can be done remotely if need be. Kivanc is correct again when he said, in so many words, that it will be good to not have to wear the masks again. That time will come, Kivanc! That time will come! All babies who are born around and during this crisis need extra prayer and may our Lord station His holy angels all about them. Kivanc is such a gracious man and has great patience with the media but he is certainly no pushover. God bless Kivanc and Basak and everyone concerned! May you find much joy and happiness with your new role as proud parent. Congratulations, Kivanc and Basak. We pray for a healthy, happy child and join you in your happiness and joy of this special moment!

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