Fashion in Turkish TV Series: Interview with Basak Dizer Tatlitug

We all know Basak Dizer Tatlitug as the wife of the Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug, but Basak is a successful and famous celebrity in her own right. The owner of the chic Istanbul boutique/cafe, Room and Rumours (with a brand new store opening in Yalikavak Bodrum) and the stylist for Turkish series, was interviewed by Asli Baris ‘la Ekranda “On Camera”. She tells “On Camera” that she and her partner and friend Deniz Marsan started their partnership ten years ago in 2008, first as personal shoppers/stylists, and soon thereafter as stylists for Turkish dizis after the production company Ay Yapim approached for the popular Turkish dizi Aski Memnu. Tatlitug and Marsan split their duties in Turkish dizis with Tatlitug dressing the lead men and supporting actors, and Marsan dressing the lead women and supporting actresses. Tatlitug was careful to point out that the team does not serve as stylists for all of the actors, but only at most 6 or 7 of the leading characters. While there are generally limitations on the types of clothes the characters can wear, as for example the signature black and dark colored clothing for the character of Ferhat in Siyah Beyaz Ask, with Aski Memnu the stylist team was given free reign to dress the characters as they wished. In Aski, they were allowed to choose the accessories and jewelry and clothes which was reflected in Bihter’s stunning gowns and Behlul’s casual but stylish outfits. Behlul’s red pants became a trend in Turkey shortly after Episode 42 (the “red pants” episode) aired and Tatlitug noted seeing at least 5 men with red pants one night in a restaurant in Istanbul.

Tatlitug and Marsan have racked up quite a number of Turkish dizis over the past 10 years in addition to Aski Memnu(15 to be exact), including such popular series as Fi, Siyah Beyaz Ask, and Cesur ve Guzel among others. Watch the full interview with Basak Dizer Tatlitug to learn more about fashion in Turkish TV series and 5 items every man should have in his closet.

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